Bluebird of Happiness v1.6.7 + Mod – Adventure and fascinating game “Blue Bird of Happiness” for Android
Normal version + Mod version (full-full version of the game) individually
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Bluebird of Happiness is the name of the adventure and well-made game of the Japanese studio Odencat in Adventure style. This game has been developed for free and has been released for mobile operating systems, including Android. Apksroid for the first time among all Iranian sitesThis game has been prepared and provided for you dear ones to download for free. The essence and main theme of this game is a mysterious and enigmatic adventure that takes place in a mysterious and mysterious world. The events of the game and the storyline that takes place in it are all pieces of a puzzle and tell a strange story. So before you want to download this game, keep in mind that Bluebird of Happiness is suitable for special people and fans of complex and mysterious games. In this game you are in the role of a boy who went to a festival with his brother. At this big party, your brother finds a blue bird (a symbol of happiness). After the festival is over and he returns home, the main character of the game has a strange dream in which he is lost in a mysterious and scary forest and deep down he sees a man who has the head of a blue bird instead of a human head. has it.


Bluebird of Happiness


In the game Bluebird of HappinessYou enter an adventurous, mysterious and very amazing world. Where on the one hand your brother has disappeared and you have to find him, and on the other hand, an imaginary creature that is half human and half bird begins to communicate with you. Whether or not this creature is your friend is something you must discover. During the game Bluebird of Happiness you have the task to go to different places and find the right path by solving interesting puzzles and riddles. Your main goal is to find your missing brother and you have no choice but to accept this adventurous and risky journey. The mechanism of the puzzles and riddles in the game are excellent in turn, and each has its own characteristics. The Blue Bird game has found a lot of fans due to its simple but very pleasant designs. Pixel graphics and painted models make this game very attractive and special, and it makes the feeling and while the game scenario has a good transfer to you. Do not forget that you yourself can become a hunter! So try to escape this nightmare by solving puzzles and save your brother as well. Will the blue bird of happiness be a symbol of your salvation or a hunter? Play Bluebird of Happiness with EarningsExcellent score of 4.7 out of 5.0 managed to record more than 50,000 downloads in a short time and gain many fans. Right now, you can download this game as a test and for free from Apksroid servers. In addition, if you want to get more acquainted with the whole game, you can watch the trailer video of its introduction from the relevant section.